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Monday, August 16, 2010

Gotta start somewhere...

I found new music to share: Dom.  I just heard of this ambiance of beats and reverb expanded vocals that blend well with the heavy synths and catchy hooks, tonight.
Kid Cudi lead me to Ratatat which followed with the openers on their current tour, Dom.

You see, I have a knack for missing great opening bands.
For example, back in March of this year, me and some friends went to two shows in one night with the first comprised of the ever-sweaty, pulse surging shitfest that is The Bronx, the herb seeking Aussies, Violent SoHo, the gorgeous sounds of flamenco that meets great crafting and delivers with style- Mariachi El Bronx(alter egos of The Bronx), and the whole point of this run on sentence: Japanther, the indie, Ramonesish, NYC based, genre hopping band that I missed all but 2 songs of.  I took note in my blackberry that I HAD to check this band out, and find others like them.

When they left stage, I was so pissed! Even after the great performances put on by the rest of the bands and hiphop artists from the second show: Philly's own Plastic Little.  Maybe 15 of my friends were there, cramped in with the rest of the crowd(of which, as I found out, SpankRock comprised 1)and I was vowing to never miss an opening band again.  Even as we were driving from South Philly to Olde City with some nice ladies we just met, there was this nagging in the back of my mind knowing I missed something possibly wonderful.  Well, more drinks and a half-night's rest later, I spent a sunny, Sunday morning hitting up my eMusic account to score some Japanther, and I found that I had reason to be so hard on myslef: these guys have some sort of awesome lo-fi rockout going on, and I've been blind to it all.
TL;DR Never missing an opening band again-if it's within my capabilities not to.

So, Dom.  I'm going to see them open for Ratatat @ The Electric Factory on Weds 10/6.
It's rather difficult to find much on them via search engine supreme Google(I guess their name is too commonly used for other things?), but Pitchfork does have an artist page for them @ http://pitchfork.com/artists/28774-dom/

If you like Ratatat, Wavves, Justice, and any electronic or creative indie music, you just might enjoy Dom.  I have yet to hear enough of them to declare any degree of heartfelt awesomeness, but they definitely give a nice first impression.

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