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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Upcoming Shows I'm Checking Out

  1. Best Coast @ First Unitarian Church; Tues, Sep 7th
  2. Deftones @ Croc Rock; Sun, Sep 12th
  3. Street Dogs @ The TLA; Fri, Sep 17th
  4. Social Distortion @ The Electric Factory; Sat, Oct 30th
  5. Ratatat @ The Electric Factory; Wed, Oct 6th
  6. Bad Religion @ The Electric Factory; Tues, Oct 19th
  7. Land of Talk @ Johnny Brenda's; Fri, Nov 5th

As can be seen, I'm going to be pretty busy checking out the shows listed above over the coming months!  I've already seen Deftones 5+ times, they were my very 1st concert back on June 21st, 2000, Bad Religion, 1st crowd surfing experience and warped tour, and I've had a very fulfilling and bad ass time when I saw the fierce, impassioned Street Dogs twice.  Awesomely, all 3 bands had/will have new music grace music fans' ears calendar year 2010.

I get excited when I think about these shows coming up, but I'm still reluctant to believe that I'm seeing Social Distortion live.  I've been a fan of this band for almost 10 years, and have continuously missed each opportunity to see them live.  Did you know that Rancid's eminently talented, and epically frantic playing bassist, Matt Freeman, toured with Social Distortion a few years back? Yeah, I did - before the tour started, and in true broke/lame fashion, missed it.  I attempted to get my fill of the experience by reading reviews and hearing stories from a guy who used to work at a tattoo shop I frequented from 17-19.  However, I already have my Social D tickets in hand, well, back at my apt at least, and am guaranteed to see them this time.  In about 2 months time, I'll either be right up front or above at the bar, "singin' to myself, there's got to be another way."  I love the sentiment of Ball and Chain, and am sure to flood any bar that has a jukebox with Mike Ness' retrospective and soulful crooning.

I've recently discovered Land of Talk, Best Coast, and Ratatat in the last year.  Both fronted by lady lead singers, Land of Talk and Best Coast are going to be a nice change of pace for me; they're both sort of laid back, not immensely popular, although getting a lot of good buzz, and I'm hoping-HOPING- it won't be the Philadelphia show/concert standard of having the majority of the crowd swarm you with terrible, omnipresent, rotten hoagie-scent spewing armpits.  Not that it totally takes away from the concert experience, but it's a staple of EVERY single show that I go to.  Sometimes I wonder if not washing on the day of a show is a tradition I've yet to be clued in on.  Ratatat will also be a nice change-up as their songs aren't vocal centric, and I'm hoping I can just:
  s   p   a   c   e  .  t   h   e  .  f  .  o   u   t   

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