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Friday, October 15, 2010

"The masses of humanity have always, always had to suffer!"

In anticipation of SPIN Magazine & Myspace Music's Germs of Perfection: A Tribute to Bad Religion, I've embedded "Suffer" as covered by Canada's twin darlings, Tegan and Sara. Germs of Perfection: ATtBR features different tracks spanning Bad Religion's girthy career, with each of those songs covered by a different artist. This album is released, for free, on Oct. 19th
Tegan and Sara chose a very respected song to cover. This gem of audio doesn't clock in more than a few moments, and "Suffer" is perfect in every way. Not only is the topical substance of "Suffer's" lyrics very relevant today, but the tempo, the rhythm, the drum fills, and especially the guitars, catapult the listener 80 MPH off their ass and into an awareness of Dr. Greg Graffin & Brett Gurewtiz's great sense of urgency.

Suffer is unquestionably one of my top 25 favorite albums of all time. The other 24 are fodder for another post, in the not too distant future. Check Tegan and Sara's cover out right here:

While really looking forward to hearing this specific track, I was underwhelmed by Tegan and Sara's rendition. This track has Tegan and Sara written all over its sound, and really, that's great. "Suffer" is totally reworked and sounds very original, almost as one of their own. But what makes this track so unique, so fierce, is that it came from Bad Religion during their prime, and their version has teeth, very sharp ones at that. Tegan and Sara have made this into a lullaby. I know Tegan and Sara can compose a killer, fast song. I love rocking out to their song "North Shore."
Compare right below to get a listen for yourself:

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