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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Against Me! touring with Dropkick Murphy's?

I suppose odder couples have teamed up to provide the masses a unique tour package, but as I just read this morning, Against Me! and Dropkick Murphy's are coming to The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, next year.  Dropkick Murphy's are headlining(of course) and Against Me! are opening.  This isn't exciting for a number of reasons:

  1. Any time I've seen the Dropkicks live, there have been plenty of bros in attendence.  Bros like to do Bro stuff; Bro stuff sucks.
  2. I prefer Dropkicks' earlier material, and I know not to expect an abundance of it; I've seen them about 4 times, and Al doesn't appear to be having a good time while singing Mike's(McColgan, original lead singer of the Dropkicks & founder/frontman for The Street Dogs) songs.  For reference, listen to their album Live on St. Patrick's Day and you'll notice which songs the crowd is given the mic for...
  3. I love Against Me! and haven't had the chance to see them in their hayday(I used to hate the shit out of them, though they're now one of my top 10 fav bands) when they used to play to packed basements, super small clubs, were signed to an independent label, and toured in a van, not a bus.)  Their very entertaining DVD, We're Never Going Home!(2004), showcases, what I and many other A.M! fans feel, is the band at their best.  Regardless, I saw Tommy Gabel and the boys twice this year, and they soundedabsolutely great.  I also listened to Vivida Vis! for the first time, last week, and that sounds like shit.
  4. Every time I think about the Dropkick Murphy's, I am reminded of when all my friends who went to college, left for college, and came home on breaks and, seemingly out of nowhere, most were all of a sudden Irish, the best flipcup players, and could surely drink me under the table.  I wasn't aware the pillars of higher education were bearing the fruits of nationality.  Yeah, it's not the band's fault, but the memory remains.
No matter how unexcited I may be today, I'll more than likely go to see Against Me! & stay for Dropkicks, afterward, next year.  I think it'll be some time in March. Hopefully, Against Me! goes on a headlining tour of the 'States, next year, with one of their older touring mates: The Menzingers, or Dead To Me; both are fine bands to listen to.  I've only just started to listen to The Menzingers, and they haven't let me down yet.

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