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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do we really NEED a (new) doctor (Dre album), almost a decade later?

“I’m about to lose my mind / You’ve been gone for so long / I’m running out of time / I need a doctor.”

I just heard the new Dr. Dre leak, not "Kush," but "I Need A Doctor," and, well, I'm not totally convinced that we do need a "doctor," after all. 

First Impression: Sounds quite like Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie" with Eminem emotionally charged(that's how he sells the best right? like, when he's sorry for cleaning his toy soldiers out of his closet to his mama?) paired with a female hook/chorus, of which I really thought was Rhianna.  I'm glad this wasn't the lead single off Dr. Dre's Detox, which has been delayed more times than the arrival of world peace, as the song seems to lack the creativity and rhythm of Dre's past efforts. 

Well, that world peace bit was an exaggeration, but, honestly, this album his been pushed back since about 2003!  "I Need A Doctor" also fails to impress as Dre doesn't even appear on the track until the last 3/4 of the song, and the chorus repeats approximately 3 times before he utters a single word.  Once again, all Dre wants to talk about is how he's been gone, and people may, or may not, have forgotten about him.  Well, maybe, Dr. Dre, you should put out music on a regular basis, and you can rest assured to not be forgotten.

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