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Friday, December 17, 2010

1 Year In Memorium: Westbound Train

It seems like "going on hiatus" has been the chic thing to do for bands in recent years when they just can't commit to either carrying on with being a band or, simply, breaking up. Coming home for lunch, today, I was going through a playlist I made about 18 months ago that centered around ska and reggae. On that list I found a favorite song I've forgotten about, "Check Your Time" by Westbound Train, a band who decided to go on hiatus right around one year ago.

I was fortunate to have seen them live twice; once with Voodoo Glowskulls and once with the Nekromantix, years back.  I was checking out their merch when their lead singer approached me and mentioned to simply buy their album as opposed to the t-shirt I was interested in.  Thankfully, I took his suggestion, and have been a "loose" fan ever since.  Their soulful, relaxing ska meets oldies doesn't typically fit the bill when I think of ska(Operation Ivy) and is sure to please most who listen to them.

Westbound Train - Check Your Time by hellcatrecords

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