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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mariachi El Xmas Numero Dos

Numero dos del Mariachi El Xmas highlights a 3 part collaboration between Mariachi El Bronx, Wild Light, and world famous The Killers.  Before now, I've never heard of Wild Light, and as can be figured out, I've been a big fan of Mariachi El Bronx/The Bronx for some time.  However, until I gave "¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!" a few listens, I've never appreciated The Killers as much, or ever, truthfully, besides one time...

¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! - The Killers ft. Wild Light & Mariachi El Bronx by gregkent

The only time I remember kind of liking The Killers, I was at this wild ass, huge party with some high school friends in Ocean City, Maryland, during Summer, 2004.  I had too much Bacardi Limon to drink, and unfortunately, pissed some guy off after, unfortunately, pissing on him, from a balcony above(I drank most of the handle, and wasn't aware the deck below had come out farther than the balcony above.) When someone started shouting about having their shoulder being pissy, I ran inside to blend in, found my friend, Megan, and landed us a nice spot on a half-vacant couch beside a boombox that just finished blaring Modest Mouse's "Float On" when on came The Killers' "Mr. Brightside."

That song could have been called "Victory" for all I cared; I quickly realized the guy who accidentally received some of my piss had no idea what I looked like, as he and a bunch of his bros rampaged upstairs and barrelled through the crowd, asking each and everyone of the partygoers, including Meg and I, where the guy who took a leak off the balcony went.  Normally, I'd apologize for what I had done, but I could sense a few punches to the face were on the way, and opted to play dumb, landing one of my favorite personal victories, ever.  Double Victory: Scored a few beers off the same guy when my bottle of Bacardi and the keg was kicked, an hour or so later.  And that is the only time I can recall ever really appreciating The Killers.  Now, because of "¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!", I'll be sure to re-evaluate The Killers' catalogue to see if I can be swayed once more.

I'll be keeping an eye out for more, quality Xmas/holiday songs, though I'm doubtful I'll find any more tunes by Mariachi El Bronx.  The video for "¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!" can be found below, and gets really cool towards the end.

¡Feliz Navidad!

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