"Good music is good music, and that should be enough for anybody.” - Brad Nowell

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Like A Trampled Flag On A City Street..."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Against Me! touring with Dropkick Murphy's?

I suppose odder couples have teamed up to provide the masses a unique tour package, but as I just read this morning, Against Me! and Dropkick Murphy's are coming to The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, next year.  Dropkick Murphy's are headlining(of course) and Against Me! are opening.  This isn't exciting for a number of reasons:

Do we really NEED a (new) doctor (Dre album), almost a decade later?

“I’m about to lose my mind / You’ve been gone for so long / I’m running out of time / I need a doctor.”

I just heard the new Dr. Dre leak, not "Kush," but "I Need A Doctor," and, well, I'm not totally convinced that we do need a "doctor," after all. 

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Machine Gun Blues

Within the last 24 hours, world famous KROQ Radio debuted a new Social Distortion song, "Machine Gun Blues" off their forthcoming record Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes which is slated to drop January 2011.

I have just seen Social Distortion with my brotha, Dustin, at The Electric Factory, in the great city I catch most of my shows, Philadelphia. I had hoped to catch, but ultimately missed, Frank Turner. I had caught Lucero, but wasn't feeling them much; they sounded like Kid Rock minus rap and whatever blend of heavy metal he utilizes. Lucero were talented, but the only "Southern Rock" band that really caters to my interest, as of the time of this writing, is Down. Social Distortion were a real treat to see, and sounded magnificent for a band damn near pushing daisies. If I remember correctly, Social D opened with "The Creeps" and closed with their famous cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." Really, they played all of the songs one would expect them to play including a new tune I was able to shoot video of, but am currently unable to recall the name of.

However, one song in particular was missing: "Story of My Life." THE song that turned me on to Social Distortion when I was a teenager, was not part of their set list nor part of the encore. The encore, with no shortage of surprise, except not having "Story of My Life" in it, had a completely reworked version of "Cold Feelings" unlike any version of the song I had heard before. It was slowed down quite a bit, and had this sense of a song I would expect to hear on a riverboat, gambling the night away, nursing a set of the blues. But speaking of the blues, Check out Social D's new song, "Machine Gun Blues" courtesy of KROQ Radio:

Btw, I'm currently still editing the Bad Religion/Bouncing Souls review, and Dustin and I are still in the brainstorming process with editing the absolutley hilarious 40 minute long interview we did with good friends The B Foundation, and most of Ballyhoo!, in The B Foundations smoked out tour van. Don't forget to check back for updates.