"Good music is good music, and that should be enough for anybody.” - Brad Nowell

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bootlegged: Live at the Firecracker Lounge, Bradley Nowell

One of the best bootlegs ever, as far as I'm concerned, is Live at the Firecracker Lounge, recorded in 1995, featuring the late Brad Nowell of Sublime on acoustic guitar.  Here, you'll find 18 tracks of Brad at his finest, rocking out, taking requests, telling stories, playing anything he wants, giving you a glimpse into the life of one of the greatest performers of the 1980's/1990's and cornerstone of the band Sublime.

Sublime favorites on this album include:
  • Boss Dj -Wrong Way
  • Saw Red
  • Don't Push
  • Garden Grove
  • KRS-One
  • Greatest Hits
  • Freeway Time in LA County Jail
  • Pool Shark
For those unfamiliar with some of the above mentioned tracks not found on Sublime's most popular albums 40 oz to Freedom(1992)& Sublime(1996), you can find them on the classic album Robbin the Hood(1994) and a gem on that album and this bootleg is the heartwrenching "Pool Shark." "Pool Shark" was played in two different versions, and is the introspective, foreshadowing story of Brad's struggle with a nasty heroin addiction revealing how it will, and eventually did, claim his life, in 1996. 

Other hard to find and cover tracks featured on this album are:
  • Zimbabwe(Bob Marley)
  • Dauchau Cabana(Vandals)
  • Zucchini Song - Brand New Day - Tim the Dinosaur(No Doubt & The Ziggens)
  • Lou Dog Went To The Moon(Camper Von Bethoven)
  • Guava Jelly(Bob Marley)
  • Adult Books - Who Do You Know(?)
  • Dr Woo (Steely Dan?)
It's very doubtful you'd find this for sale anywhere, as it's an unofficial bootleg, but the sound quality is FANTASTIC.  Many people correlate Sublime and weed/drugs, and rightfully so, but in interviews with the band and the music itself, you'll find a punk band unrestrained by a concrete definition who honestly did everything D.I.Y.  Sublime is a band with a backstory worth reading over and over again, and it's unfortunate some shy away from them as they're labeled as merely a "summer band" or "drug band."  The lyrics are all over the place with stories of violence, love, street life, rehabilitation, (small amounts of)political ideology, and much, much more.

As the frontman of one of the most legendary bands to rise from house parties and in to top-40 radio, Bradley Nowell was no stranger to great song writing, and Firecracker Lounge is a must have for not only Sublime fans, but anybody who calls themselves a fan of music, as a whole.  It was a little difficult to track down hosting for it, but not altogether impossible: http://www.filestube.com/287b6954bc335e2f03e9/go.html As this album has never been for sale, and is not tentatively available for download at a cost, get this fucker anyway you can.  Though doeslikemusic.com takes no sides in DMCA disputes, we firmly believe you should be able to hear a completed body of music, and support your favorite, especially upcoming, musicians in anyway possible.  Talk about them. Show them off.  Go see them live, if able.

Watch some of this fantastic performance, here:

Lastly, Happy 2011: We're back, and are going to be sharing some great things, new writers, new site, contests, and all types of awesome shit this year!


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  2. Thank you!

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