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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Red City Radio 1/2 way into The Dangers of Standing Still


Let's get this started off right: I've been in contact with Eddie from Reybee, getting some really cool stuff together for interviews I'm working on. Something really special and the only of its kind, to be precise. Being the good publicist he is, he sent me a shitload of good music to check out.  Of which I've checked out so far, I'm really digging Red City Radio, pictured above, and their album: The Dangers of Standing Still.

The Dangers of Standing Still clocks in around 35 minutes, and is reminiscent of works put forth by Off With Their Heads, Latterman, and The Lawrence Arms.  You'd also be reminded of any band you've listened to who knew how to use gang vocals plus alternate singers, and have it work well.  I haven't identified any favorite songs, yet, but this album is surely on repeat for a few spins to get the feel of it.  I creeped their FB page to see what they're about; I found that cool photo above I'm sure won't be a problem sitting here to pretty up this post and saw their interests:

Drinking hundreds of beers.
Melting faces.
Indian leg wrestling.
The usual.

Not only do these guys make some tight music, but they embrace one of my absolute favorite pastimes: Indian leg wrestling Drinking hundreds of beers.  So, not only would I listen to these guys and recommend my readers to check them out, but I'd probably hangout with them, too.   So, Cheers! to Red City Radio and Eddie Horn @ Reybee; check out this video below, of which isn't featured on The Dangers of Standing Still, but does not deviate from the sound they've honed:

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